How to keep the children calm when moving home: Relocation tips

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So, you’re moving home? Congratulations! Moving is always a stressful time for homeowners, and that applies to kids too, which is why we’ve compiled some key info you need to know based on our 7 decades in the moving industry, all designed to help you keep the children comfy as you prepare to start your life in your new home.

Relocating is no simple feat and even the most relaxed of people can find all that planning, packing and unpacking to be a source of stress.

And this change is something which has an effect on every member of the family, so the stress can too. Apart from all the organisation and planning, you as a parent may be left facing some difficult questions:

  • Are the kids going to settle well in their new school?
  • How are they going to feel leaving their old friends?
  • What changes will be made in terms of our routines and daily lives and how will they cope?

But there are steps that you can take, and a great start is taking a read through Steeles’ guidance on how moving with children can be easier than you’d think.

Help The Kids Feel Secure

To make the move easier, keep in mind that stability is key for children during a time of change, so helping make sure they understand the process of moving is essential. Without this knowledge, children can get upset seeing their surroundings changing as belongings are loaded onto the moving van – explaining to them why this is happening can show them this isn’t a scary change.

Leaving your old house behind doesn’t have to be a bad thing

Making sure that your kids are actively a part of the house move, and ensuring that they feel secure through this major life change is key,  and Steeles can help show you how.

A memories scrapbook is the ideal place to start as then the children know they always have the adventures of their old house all collected.

Getting The Kids Comfortable

After the house move, it’s all about getting the kids used to their new surroundings and everyone in the neighbourhood – a great way to do this can be to set up playdates with new friends. By doing this, you can help to make leaving behind the old house a bit easier so they can settle in.

Why Summer Is Peak Moving Time

Summer can be the ideal time for going through the move, as it means:

  • Schools out – so no chance of missing any essential learning
  • Holiday Clubs Are In – ideal for the kids while you’re working on packing and planning.

In other words, more time for you to organise and prepare, without having to deal with the day-to-day hustle and bustle that comes with the typical school day.

Keep The Kids In Touch With Friends

After the move, it’s important to make time for the friends that your children had while in the old home, this is really key to helping them adjust to the new home and lifestyle. Planning visits with a few close friends once you’re settled in can help your children to start relaxing and feel comfortable with familiar friends.

Keep Level-Headed

The moving process is stressful, but it is important to keep calm because your children will be watching you, and if you feel stressed, they’ll be able to feel that too, which can lead to them acting out of character or throwing tantrums out of frustration. Even if it feels like there is no time to breathe, take a few minutes for yourself each day and stay level-headed, and that will help to keep the kids calm too.

Sharing The Excitement

Moving home is an opportunity for a whole new start, but it is important that every part of the family feels that same level of happiness and excitement. To help you and your children achieve this, you can follow the steps outlined in this blog to help you and your children feel ready for this life change and simplified move.

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