The importance of investing in a reliable removals company

Steeles of Stamford lorry loading up outside a property

There’s no denying that moving house is an expensive process – forking out for legal fees, mortgage advisors and furniture for your new home is just the tip of the iceberg!

Removals is another cost – but when it comes to removals, it really is worth paying a bit more to get a reliable service from a company that you know is going to look after your belongings. 

At Steeles of Stamford, we sometimes get questions about why we’re more expensive than other removals firms. Yes, our trucks cost the same as every other truck of the same specs and we buy our fuel from the fuel station, the same as everyone else, but there are lots of other factors that go into our costs. 

Why are our costs higher than other ‘legitimate’ firms?

Some companies charge higher prices just to boost their profits, but for us, it’s actually because we want to provide the best for our staff and customers. 

Here’s a breakdown of where the money goes… 

  • We make sure that our staff get one month’s paid holiday per year
  • We have the very best equipment to move your belongings safely, including transit blankets, sofa covers, TV covers, mattress bags, floor protectors and wardrobe cartons – it’s not just old curtains and duvets! 
  • We make sure that all our staff have the very best training so they can provide the very best service 
  • We have a full-time removals crew who are all paid respectable salaries 
  • All our staff are paid through a PAYE system – there are no cash in hand jobs and tax dodging here!
  • We make pension contributions for all our staff, just as employers should 
  • We have the very best insurance that’s more than fit for purpose – without it, we’d be breaking the law and taking huge risks every time we help someone move 

So while you might be able to find cheaper removals firms, you won’t find many who do all of this.

The saying really is true that you get what you pay for. We’re an established firm that has been trusted by the people of Stamford and beyond for more than 70 years and we take absolute pride in what we do.

Invest in the best

Moving all your worldly belongings from one place to another takes a lot of work, so it seems like a no-brainer to pay that little bit more to ensure it’s done properly. 

A man and a van service is fine for moving a few items but, for a complete house move, you need a professional service you can rely on. You wouldn’t ask your friend to do your property survey just because they have a set of ladders, so why ask your friend to move you just because they have a van? 

With Steeles, our expert and professional team can plan and organise everything for you, taking the pressure off you and giving you more time to deal with things like legal forms and completion dates. 

And the proof is in the pudding, because we get regular reviews from customers that we’ve helped move all over the UK. They’re all genuine too – we certainly don’t give discounts for good reviews or ask our family and friends to post them! 

So, wherever you’re moving to, trust the specialists at Steeles for a stress-free move – you can’t put a value on that! 

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