Ballards Group celebrates two anniversaries in 2023

Steeles Removals HQ

We are excited to be celebrating our 75th anniversary, alongside our partner company, Ballards Removals – which is also celebrating an incredible 45 years of business. Combined, Ballards Group now boasts over 120 years of moving experience!

Steeles was formed in 1948 in Stamford, later joining at Ballards Group in 2018. Ballards Removals was founded in Nottinghamshire in 1978, by Richard and Janette Ballard. The Ballards business began with just a single basic transit van, now having grown to an impressive fleet of over 55 vehicles.

“Thank you to our wonderful customers”

Ballards Removals Founder, Richard Ballard, said:

“It is quite astonishing to believe that we are where we are today, after founding Ballards over 45 years ago with my wife, Janette.

“From a single basic transit van to a fleet of over 50 vehicles, it’s safe to say that it’s been quite the journey – but we’re definitely not stopping here! My sons, Joe and Matt, plan to take Ballards Group to the next level, helping even more customers with their removals and storage needs.

“We were thrilled to acquire the reputable Steeles of Stamford business in 2018. With 75 years of experience, and 120 years combined with both firms, we really are experts in our field.

“Thank you to all of our wonderful customers over the years for supporting our business and helping us go from strength to strength – we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Moving homes since 1948

We were founded in Stamford, Lincolnshire back in 1948 by Ted Steele. The firm began with an Austin 6 pickup truck, quickly building a reliable reputation for removal and packing services.

In the 1960s, the next generation of Steele’s got involved with the family business – with Ted Steele developing the house removals and storage side of the firm. They then began offering storage in the old brewery building, located in Stamford town centre.

During the 1980s and 90s, we continued to grow as Stamford developed into the affluent area that we know today. The business moved into different warehouses in Stamford throughout this time.

The third generation of Steeles then took over, with the three Steeles brothers, Ian, Gary and Carl, overseeing great growth and development. In the early 2000s, our firm designed and built our state-of-the-art warehouse in Essendine, near Stamford.

As the eldest of the brothers approached retirement age in 2017, our firm approached Ballards Removals with an acquisition proposition, which was then agreed in December 2018 – with Steeles becoming a valued part of the Ballards Group family.

Two family businesses growing from strength to strength

In 1989, the Ballards business moved to a ¾ acre plot in Retford, due to a need for more space to offer storage services. In 1992, Richard and Janette then bought out two local competitors – providing Ballards with a total of three large vans and two small vans, plus six full-time staff.

In 1997, the firm then moved from Retford to Tuxford with their fleet of six vehicles and a total of 15 staff. After ten years in Tuxford, Ballards outgrew their premises once again and acquired land in Markham Moor. 18 months later, the firm moved into our custom-built Removals and Storage Hub, where it is based today.

The excellent Markham Moor facility has a large storage warehouse and a large outdoor self-storage space for containers. The hub features high levels of security to ensure that customer’s possessions remain secure at all times.

Richard and Janette are still heavily involved in the business, but have handed over the management reins of Ballards Group to their sons – Matt and Joe. 

Matt Ballard, Managing Director of Ballards Group, said:

“We’re thrilled to be celebrating both of these historic milestones this year at Ballards Group. It’s hard to believe that our family business – Ballards Removals – was founded 45 years ago now, by my parents, Richard and Janette.

“Acquiring Steeles of Stamford, an iconic removals firm in our area, has been such a fantastic addition to our business. We are so proud to represent both brands as part of Ballards Group, and are very excited to be celebrating these anniversaries.”

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